Notable New Electronic Resources Now Available

September 3, 2012 at 4:09 pm

(1) Classical Music in Video

Classical Music in Video currently provides over 300 hours of video and will grow to 1,000 hours in 2013.  It provides coverage in breadth and depth for classical music, and is relevant to a broad range of studies, including music history, music appreciation, music performance, analysis and theory.

(2) Classical Scores Library, Volume I

Classical Scores Library is the most comprehensive online scores database.  It provides access to over 24,000 scores and 400,000 pages that can be printed and annotated.

(3) Opera in Video

The collection contains 500 hours of video comprising 291 operatic works.  Famous opera performances from the Baroque era through to the twentieth century.  It allows users to analysis stage design, vocal techniques, roles, and musical interpretation across time periods, opera houses, and conductors.  You can search by title, venue, date and various other ways.

(4) Theatre in Video

Theatre in Video contains more than 250 performances of plays and over 100 film documentaries (more than 500 hours in total).  The database includes the full text of plays, their history of performances, production backgrounds, reference materials, etc.  The included plays are predominately 20th century masterpieces, as well as many Shakespeare productions.

Platforms for Cross Search

The above 4 titles can be cross searched via the Academic video online platform (Classical music in video, Dance in video, Filmakers library online,  Opera in video, Theatre in video) or Music Online (Classical music in video, Classical scores library, Dance in video, Opera in video).


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